Online Banking

Savings Account

Only $25 is required to have a membership at Members First Credit Union. Only $100 is needed to earn dividends which are paid monthly. Special separate savings accounts can be setup for any purpose. You can save for a down payment on a house, vacation, new car, college, etc. You can even name the account what you would like. This special name will appear on your statement when you access your account. You can set up systematic savings with direct deposit or payroll. Contact us for details.

All accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 per member by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) a government agency. All rates subject to change anytime. Unlimited transfers on withdrawals online or in branch office. Receive an additional maximum of 6 per month by phone or preauthorized transfer. Fees could reduce earnings on account.

Start a Savings Goal (With monthly dividends you'll earn even more!). Savings is especially easy if you pay yourself first.

Biweekly deposits
1 year
3 years
5 years
$10 $260 $780 $1,300
$20 $520 $1,560 $2,600
$30 $780 $2,340 $3,900
$50 $1,300 $3,900 $6,500
$100 $2,600 $7,800 $13,000